Sunday, July 29, 2012

[WIP] Space Hulk and other random huh-hah.

It's been a long while since I really sit myself down and focus on painting something... after "finished" (sort of, kinda of...) my 1750 Black Legion (that suffer defeat for each and every of their encounter...), I finally able to get back to the Space Hulk that I procured one year ago..

This is the third terminator that I've painted for the set... 9 more to go... err.. maybe 10, including the death guy on throne...

Filler Genestealer No 1.

Filler Genestealer No 2. Noted that Genestealer 1 & 2 above is painted in one afternoon, which consider super fast for my standard =p

The not quite filler Genestealer that I paid some attention to the details. I amuse myself by painting some faint glowing effect on the ruin termi armor base.

And oh, Sally, this is actually done a couple weeks before... but I'm stuck and having no idea how to continue... the "behind" (engine) part was suppose to look like a chest torn open by hand with biomachanic innard floating around... but I guess to finish everything might too another long while (next year, perhaps?)

And this.... KINGDOM DEATH!!! RAAAWWRRRR, the wet nurse is just RAD!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kindred III awesome sauce.

It's been along while... been slacking off on hobby because of D3, as most of my mate rage quitting D3, I slowly slide back to hobby... Painted up my Vindy, sand based my zerkers and also half-hearted-ly started to work with Sally again (though fail)

Today, I took part of an awesome, awesome hobby event - Legio Malaysia's 4th Birthday Bash, (I was there last year when I'm very very green in hobby, didn't manage to take part much due to my lack of preparation...) though making my mate Hakim losing straight for three round wimme (Sorry mate! I promise with the new chaos codex, we shall reign this event (hopefully not as Death Dealer again) next year=p), it a fun ride!

And I mange to score something this time around
(nevermind the red one, you don't want to know what's it awarded for...)

A big thanks for Khairul, Arzmi, and Jeff (The organizers =))
Not to forget Hakim (and all the opponent) who put up with my lack of understanding for rules =p
Ah, and Iqbal, Shukor (for sacrificing their fun time for photographing and other errant), and Chang (of MaGaCon fame) for his BBQ goodness!

Some picture that I manage to snap from my phone:

Carl's (MrChaos) awesome eldar!
(and the Gretchin(or is it grot?) that painted by Alvin's the other half, damn, I did not manage to snap a clear picture of it due to the casing actually reflected the light)

Khairul's My Little Pony Emperor Children Marine

(nevermind this...)

Iqbal's "Mortarion", maybe I should buy one of this too and mod this to the pose of this picture

The NMM on this piece make my attempt on NMM looks like the effort of 3 years old children~_~"
I suppose this is painted by LordAK (and YES, he sapu most of the Golden Kris entry this year!)

Jake's brainiac nids

I found this familiar.... but not sure who did this... Joe?

I would assume anything Tau is from Jake, kekekekekeke

Yup, not sure who did this as well ~_~

Lord AK's

Accidently caught my partner Hakim in camera when I attempt to capture Chris Goh's IG (that terrorize us marines with 14 melta guns, "Mere Mortal? what do you mean by mere mortal?") 

Chris partner's Blood Angel (Hakim's should do bro fist with these guys instead of joining my heresy... LOL)

Hakim's Blood Angel (my most frequent sparring partner)

Hakim's Storm Raven, dude! bolo this to me one day, I free hand the pilot for you! (but don't regret when the pilot turns out to sport some spiky bit on it and chanting "blood for the blood god..." from time to time..)

BLee's partner (err.. Edward?) Grey Knights

BLee's Ultramarine

Jake's Tau (these little guys (what unit name huh?) just refuse to die!)

Marcus's converted techmarine (it is a techmarine, right?)

I'm seriously curious what is the scratched built model that field beside Zoantrope
(Quote Brother Sergeant Hakim, Blood Angel : "It sure look nasty")

OMGBBQ... this is a *lot* of scarab!

Carl's Nob Biker (woot! dude! you just bring 9 models to take part! bring moar!!!!! if they are not meant to be on gaming table, place them on GK judging table!!!11!!!)

Carl's Partner's Black Templar
(Thank Chaos God Boon Kin actually know the rules, or else we might be staring at each other with blank eye for the whole first round... LOL)

I believe this is Joe's Necron (I dig how he paint the wraith)

Alvin's Blood Angel

LordAK's Dark Eldar.. thats... alot of Raider.. seriously this is 800pts?

Syamael's Space Wolve!

Iqbal's awesome conversion/interpretation of dreadknight

LordAK's Dark Eldar Jet Fighter (this year's Large Model winner^^)
Alvin's camo tank =)
Jake's nids (this is actually kinda nice...)

 That's all folks. Till next time, adios! (I'm actually kinda tired dy =p)