Sunday, July 31, 2011

[WIP] Chaos Khorne Rhino

WIP picture for my Khorne Rhino, dedicated transport for berzerkers. Moody-work-sucks-life-sucks week, lack of progress...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Double feature of the day : Checkpoint - What I had complete since December 2010 - July 2011

A.K.A the damned hobby journey of a skinny heretic.

The Chosen flock (June-July 2011), 5 more will be adding to their rank:

The (not so) happy children of the Khorne (April-May 2011):

The Possessed dudes(March-April 2011):
"say cheese and show your teeth, boys"

He who came first (Dec 2010 - Long hiatus on Jan and Feb 2011 - March 2011):

One big happy family:

Oh, almost forget, the boss guy with fancy icons (May - June 2011)

In a month or two time, with some vehicle ready, they should be ready to join Lord Abaddon's Black crusade... it was about time to let the galaxy burn... 

Fifth melta plague chosen + the base = done

Last two weeks had been slow in hobby sense, work sucks.

Painted the fifth melta guy, another 5 more still on sprue, to be convert and paint...

Also, had made some sci-fi/tech/industrial theme bases for them (I do hope it looks like what I want them to be...)

So here's some photo for the partially complete plague chosen squad.

The next post will be post soon, it's a check point of what I had done over the last six months ^___^

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Painting Plague Marine Step-By-Step with GW color scheme.

A.K.A Ork wannabe marine.

1.) Base Coat Chaos Black (No pic, I forgot to take photo on this step as this had been done weeks ago..)
2.) Base color : 2 part shadow grey  with 1 part sunburst yellow:
 (Oooookey, I'm trying to save some money by mixing color... normally I guess folks will just use Catachan Green directly)

3.) Camo Green on places that will catch the light, for me, I assume the light source hit from above the mini

4.) Ogryn Flesh wash over the "joint" area and selective area that you see fit. I've go for the join area of armor, any area that suppose to have some shadow, the crack, and some on the camo green part to tone it down abit.

5.) Wait for last wash to be completely dry, apply Gryphonne Sepia wash (I've tried to apply ogryn twice, the effect is just no as obvious, Gryphonne is more brownish and closer to my ideal color...)

6.)Watered down Snakebite Leather (2 part water 1 part snikebit) on lower legs, undiluted snakebite for all the tubes, for some yellowish rusting effect.

7.) Three part Snakebite Leather one part Blazing Orange, to highlight the tubes and add the depths of the rusting effect. Beware, blazing orange is a pretty bright color, don't over do it.

8.) Rotting Flesh, highlight the edge

(I found that I got carried away and overdid the the rotting flesh part, so I add some lspot on the belly with sepia wash again....)

9.) Base coat the guts with Mechrite Red, wait for it to dry, then apply some watered down Snakebite Leather (2 part water 1 part snakebite)

10.) Meltagun : Scab Red, Blazing Orange edge highlight (bad day, very shaky hand), Chainmail and Shining Gold on the barrel and the other part of the gun.

For all the spike on the backpack and also the chainsword, I want to make it look like rusted metal (still cant get it right at the moment, you can ignore the part below and look for other rusting effect tutorial)

11.) Graveyard Earth on all the spike and the upper part of backpack.

12.) Snakebite leather on the part the the light suppose to hit on

13.) 1 part Snakebite 1 part Blazing Orange, it *suppose* to look like rust, but cant get it right...

14.) Touch up abit here and there, paint the eye. Voila, the ork wannabe is done.

Hail Papa Nurgle!

4 up, 1 more to paint, 5 more to convert and pain... I mean, paint. Long way to go... Sigh.

Turns out, they look like ugly goblin in disguise of plague marine... but heck, who cares? I've probably found a color scheme for my ork army(If budget allowed...)

Monday, July 4, 2011