Monday, December 6, 2010

Moar stuff....

Had a  stroll at nearby Jaya Jusco hardware department and stationary department (Get off from work early and skipped company annual dinner).... Added stuff above to my arsenal....

Cutter - RM4.50
Blue Tack (for pre-configure miniature pose) - RM 6.90
Cutter Knive - RM 8.50
Color Tray - RM 0.70
Box (used as spraying studio) - RM 8.90

Item Total Damage : Rm 29.50

Total Damage up-to-date : RM 568.00

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Getting Started (in KL, Malaysia) - Get your stuff online...

If you are one of those guy who hates travel but have the burning desire to start your 40k collection, and open to online purchase, at the same time, have the patient to wait for it while it be deliver to your doorstep...

Here's your alternative, I happen to tumble to this ebay store when I searching for Assault of Black Reach starter set in Malaysia.

sent an email to inquire about Assault on Black Reach and Ork Killa Kans box, very speedy response (within the same day, I feel good bout this), their quotation is actually around  10-15% cheaper compare to MidValley... and guess what, they cover the postage if you happen to live in Malaysia, sounds like a deal.

I think I will try to order some miniature and paint in near future to try out their service...

Getting Started (in KL, Malaysia) - MidValley Megamall

And here, we, go...

I've finally get my hands on my first Warhammer 40k stuff on 4th Dec 2010, Saturday. Was intended to start with Assault on Black Reach starter set and expand the Ork army, but well, under some unforeseen circumstances, I end up with a box of Chaos Space Marine Battle Force and Chaos Terminator Lord (A big Thank-You for Mr Emporer in forum).

**Important note: I'm a TOTAL beginner for assembling miniature and painting stuff, so the stuff I wrote is more of Trial-And-Error experience, feel free to share in comment if you think I've got something wrong so every other beginner out there (esp in Malaysia) can utilizes this as a reference for the future.

[Where do I get my stuff]

MidValley Megamall is the all and end all, if you ask me.

So, after some research online, Mid Valley megamall seems like a not-too-bad place if you would like to start you Warhammer40k collection (pricewise, *probably* you could get it cheaper somewhere else, but you can almost get everything you need to assemble/painting your 40k army within MidValley itself, it somehow feels like a one-stop-solution).

First stop, Comic Mart on the top most floor of MidValley Megamall (The same floor with GSC cinema and just beside the food court, it's kinda hard to missed if you happen to be a Marvel Comic fans... Big Spidey, Hulk on the wall painting).

What you can pickup there : Games Workshop product such as Warhammer40k Miniatures (What I saw there as of 4th Dec 2010, Dark Eldar, Space Marine, Chaos, some Ork, Battle Force box for most of the fraction, Tyranid, Tau and Necron almost non-existent, but it might be me not paying attention), some codex/battle scenario/magazine, GW Paint, stuff like sand and grass to built the base, you name it. They offer service to order the stuff you need from GW too.
What I pickup there : About 13 small pint of paint, a White Dwarf magazine.

Second Stop, Art Friend on the Garden (it is actually connecting Midvalley Megamall, you can move along each other by using the bridge, somewhere near the middle section on 2nd/3rd floor, if you are lost, just follow the crowd, lol, thats what I do), Art Friend is actually just beside Borders book store if you happen to have problem to locate it

What you can pickup there : this is where you should get your painting tools and other hobby stuff (cutter, paint brush, spray can, glue etc etc), instead of buying the overprice GW product in Comic Mart (just my humble opinion, don't whack me if you happen to be hardcore GW tools supporter or work in Comic Mart~_~)
What I pickup there: Some 000,00,0 and 1 paint brush (if you are not sure what you should pickup, take a look on the GW brush at Comic Mart near the cashier ;-p you should get the idea, and guess what? you can get something similar for around 60% cheaper in Art Friend), an Acrylic black spray can (for basecoat, GW Chaos Black cost you RM60... you get it for RM8 here... Ok, ok, I'm one of those cheap-ass guy... I admit that)

Errr, thats about all in Mid Valley. Below is my shopping list of what I get from Mid Valley Megamall (and what not) :

1.) Warhammer 40k Miniature - Got it from an online-friend, COD at..well, Mid Valley
        - Chaos Space Marine Battle Force (Damage : RM 250)
        - Chaos Terminator Lord (Damage : RM 50)
        Total Damage for this item : RM 300

2.) Paint - Got it in Midvalley

          - 13 pint of Citadel paint for my Black Legion Chaos color scheme (Damage : RM 14 each)
          - 1 Black Acrylic Spray Can (Damage : RM 8.30)
         Total Damage for this item : RM 190.30

3.) Various Hobby Tools - Paint Brush in MidVally, others are pre-owned...
             - Plastic Glue (Damage RM 7)
             - 2x 0 paint brush (Damage RM6.90 + RM5.30)
             - 1x  1 paint brush (Damage RM5.60)
             - 1x  00 paint brush (Damage RM8.30)
             - 1x  000 paint brush (Damage RM5.60)
             - 3x dry brush of various size (pre-owned)
             - Blade Cutter (pre-owned)
             - Cutter (pre-owned)
             - Scissor (pre-owner)
             - Epoxy Putty (just in case I'm in mood of custom something..) (Damage RM9.50)
             - Sculpting Tool (not in pic above, pre-owned)

        Total Damage for this item : RM 48.20

4.) What I'm still lacking.... Probably procure at Jaya Jusco hardware department nearby =P
        - A cardboard box as my spraying studio (Less than RM5 if I cant get it for free)
        - Some color palette tray for painting (Less than RM5)
        - Random stuff to hold the water while painting (Free...)
        - Some Cork for basing effect (not sure... target less than RM 10)
        - Sand paper??

So... I almost have everything I need to start, and the total damage up to date is RM 538.50.

Merry Xmas Santa, I've been..... behaved (good is not the right word) this year, can you please, please leave some cash on my chimney when you drop by? please?

So I started this blog....

I started this lousy blog with these in mind:

1.) To record how far would I go for collecting Warhammer40k stuff
2.) To record how much did I *spent* on the stuff (sigh)
3.) To see when did I get bored and move on to other hobby
4.) To have a log to check the progress of my assembling/painting on the stuff

and hopefully, if this blog didn't die off due to my three minutes enthusiasm...

5.) To provide a guide for any beginner to get into Warhammer40k, especially folks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I will try my best to keep this blog on topic and crap free.