Sunday, January 29, 2012

Black Legion Nurgle Rhino

Over the course of my week long Chinese New Year leave, I've manage to get this done...

And also, this, was intended to go crazy and paint it all green, but figure that it might fit better in my overall Black Legion scheme with some black intact...

camo green is truly a Nurgle bless to every painter =__,=

And some sneak preview of my first Land Raider

Green stuffed some Eyes of Horus thingy

ps: sorry for the below average photo... can't seems to get the lighting right this time around...

Edit :
Added on some pus leaking battle damage on Nurgle Rhino, thanks to the wonderful suggestion of Wolkenritter89 at 40kmalaysia forum^^ 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

[WIP] Captain Titus (almost there... almost)

Been buzy/lazy for quite a while, finally painted Captain Titus's sparring partner and the background... but the background seems to be very sloppy and unfinished, mainly because it looks kinda white.. (believe it or not, I clocked like 3 hours or so just to paint/repaint/waiting for paint to dry) all the colors on background is thinned down until it was barely visible and smack on layer by layer.

Blu tac-ed the whole damned thing to see hows the thing go.. not impress... ~_~

(I think the blood splatter is abit over the top, shall I remove that or at least cover it with a boyz corpse...?)

Captain Titus miniature ready to unleash his fury (of not getting properly painted, enlarge the picture, you will get what I mean ~_~)

(I almost cry when I compare this pose to game cover...)

Remaining things to be done/Mental note to myself:
1.) Fine tune the base
2.) A proud "Warhammer 40000 : Space Marine" wording below the diorama <-- any idea where to get a right size one? Or any idea I could get a custom etching/carve/stamp for this?
3.) Get rid or tone down the blood splatter.
4.) Glue em on!
5.) Paint Captain Titus's shadow.
6.) Better lightning, a proper mahjong paper or A3 paper for background

The next time you see a post on Captain Titus, it will be the finish version (I hope....)

Till next time folks, and Happy Chinese New Year in advance =)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Chaos Gods whisper/yell/scream to the skinny heretic...

"HAPPY 2012" the skinny heretic heard.

"Better start painting some mini" they warned, too....

Zero progress on anything after Magacon, trivial things in life hinder painting =..= Only one Ork boyz painted.

Hooked on Chaos in the old world boardgame, played like 4 games since I brought it on Friday night, still lookin for ways to fine tune this to allow 2 player play. Fellow heretic coming in 20 mins time to play yet another few round, Chaos God bless him.

Happy New Year folks. I myself hope this year is as fruitful as Nurgle's garden (and less sucky compare to last year)