Sunday, April 15, 2012

[WIP] Stuffs.

Manage to work more on the Khorne guy... still playing around with NMM... Totally can't get it right...

connected the neck for Sally... obviously it needs a tons of touch up... (can I really make it before end of this month....?)

Also blew my last available hobby fund on this, brought on Friday, assembled last night/early today...

ps: Birthday this week. Nearing the big 30... the impending doom of Midlife Crisis. 
Wish List : cash, cash, C.A.S.H.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yet another lack of progress week~_~

I'm so sleepy that I cant even form sentence, so I will do this in point form instead :

- Friday, visit Legio again, manage to start painting my Golden Kris entry, the Khorne guy with BFA
- Friday, ask Syamael for a game on Sunday while I'm abit tipsy =p
- Friday, got back from Legio, downed another 3 can of carlsberg, stay up until 3a.m-ish playing games
- Saturday, sleep, wake up, lunch, sleep, wake up, dinner
- Saturday (after dinner), finally make up my mind to get a Necron Battleforce and Codex just for the sake of taking part in Legio K3 and performing the bro-fist with Blood Angle, will be partner be Hakim, another newcomer
- Continue painting my Khorne guy until 1am something
- Could be sleeping too much... I.SUFFER.INSOMNIA
- Continue painting my Khorne guy until 4am something
- Sunday, Syamael gimme a ring... he is @ forge already, OMGWTFBBQ, send my laundry to FLGD (frenly local good dobi), eh..belum buka, so just go straight to fore
- Sunday, TA again by space wolf on turn 3 =p (Thanks for the game Syamael, I think I start to get a hang of it...)
- Sunday, Iqbal dropping by
- Sunday, meet up with Hakim, a pact is formed (via BA/Necron bro-fist)... gotta allocate some hobby fund for a Necron Battleforce+HQ and Codex, paint them decently, and maybe sell it off after K3 for more chaos stuff...
- Sunday, rush back from Alvin's to FLGB, OMGWTFBBQ, not open today??!!
- Sunday, got a piece of terrain from Alvin's, primed it black, half way, raining cat and dog... manage to save it in time. This should be a fun piece to paint, will paint it Chaos style =__,=
- Sunday, cincai cincai snap a picture of WIP Khorne guy, post this blog entry

As usual, consider the below average picture quality as teaser for GK entry

Planning to do this piece purely NMM style (with OSL throw into mix for good measure), you might notice the axe is actually painted in NMM, trying NMM on the other metallic part, not quite satisfy, might redo it.

Outstanding Hobby Stuff :
- Terrain
- Submit registration for K3 on next Friday
- Necron thingy - come up with a list and see whether should go for Battleforce and decide which lord
- Sally
- Khorne Guy

Conclusion : Action packed hobby week. Could be annoyingly busy for the coming weeks. Sleepy.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

[WIP] Raptors (Almost finish...) and Sally (Long way to go...)

Falls asleep a couple of time yesterday due to the extremely nice weather (read: wasted yesterday...)

Only manage to paint very little over the course of yesterday and today... but I think with a bit of touch up here and there, the Raptor should be ready...

Some extra highlight needed

Dodging bolters, Matrix style.

Need to do some extreme highlight on this fella, too

There are still some details (the rivet and the flames) left on the champion.

Also manage to work a little on Sally today..
Sculpted some "Hair" for Sally...

The "Hair" is actually a ... Facehugger wannabe =__,=

Also work abit on the body portion... forget to snap picture on side part, I sculpted some rib bone.. but not quite satisfy with the outcome...