Sunday, February 26, 2012

[WIP] Raptor (touched up)

One down, four to go. Spent 2 hours to paint it yesterday noon, 1 hour something at night, and another 4 hours (on and off, multiple ciggie breaks included) today... so I think my average time should be around 5-6 hours per model I guess. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Self Amusement : Paint a raptor in 2 hour time. - pt2



Chain sword and bolter = black.

Freehand = Imagonnaredothat

detail on backpack=non-exist

 Conclusion : speed painting is not for me. 2 hours is barely enuff for putting down the base color.

Self Amusement : Paint a raptor in 2 hour time.

Okkkkk.... I will start at 1300 GMT...

Hopefully on 1515 GMT (including the snap picture n upload time), this bugger can be fully painted.

Friday, February 24, 2012

[WIP] 60 cents and some epoxy putty, my erection problem solved.

Don't worry, I'm perfectly healthy and functional, just so you wonder.

Spent some time to clean the mold line, assemble, and base the raptors, but today when I woke up, one big problem... they just don't... erect... and keep falling down...

While mine is resin finecast model, it really keep me wondering : how folks make them stand when they are still cast in metal.

After some google, some putty work and 60 cents (or shall I say, sen) poorer, behold, they finally long lastingly ERECTED!

On a side note... I'm always wondering another issue : actually how long does it take for me to paint *one* model, from base coat to fully painted... Tomorrow I will set a two hour and fifteen minute mark for myself to paint just one of these babies, let's see whether I can live blog this =___,=

At the same time, if things goes well, I shall upload it to the new 40kmalaysia forum (the URL might change later, it is still in beta...) for the forum logo competition.

Two raptor, one stone, babe!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Black Legion Land Raider - Completed.

Spent the better of yesterday at Hobby Forge painting this baby, touch up abit here and there today, finally, it's done.

Behold, the relic land raider of Black Legion.

When I said "Finger Print", I mean it =___,=

Scored some Chaos Raptor yesterday too, going to paint 'em Night Lord scheme, actually... I'm having urge to start a Night Lord army... not sure whether it will be.. lack of flavour if I play two Chaos army... but well, I guess I won't start something new prior to paint all the CSM stuff available from GW... (but still waiting for new Chaos Dreadnaught and also Oblit, but perhaps, just perhaps, I will get a loyalist Dread and Chaos it up...)

With this Land Raider done, I think I'm about 150+- point shy of 1750, the raptor shall fill in the gap (as for Sally the defiler, I'm saving it for some conversion) and finally, finally, I can start gaming... though I'm very sure the list will be sucks.. fluffwise and tactic wise, LOL, but well, it's my first army after a year something of hard labour, I'm please with it =)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Real man do valentine alone, hobbying.

Who needs girl when you have toy soldiers, plastic tank and internet p0rnz?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[WIP] Black Legio Land Raider

"Bring me the Tech Magos thats building our Land Raider."
(Skinny Tech Magos been brought to the front of Daemon Prince)
"You promise me Land Raider, it's been two weeks,"
"My Prince, I....." (get shot in the head, brain matter spray on floor, servitors cleaning up the mess)
"I want my Land Raider to be done in 24 terra hours, see to it."

Bummer, spent last three days of my holiday painting this... suprisingly, it has more details (especially the lascannon) than I expected, still work in progress, the back side is still black in color~_~ but I think I've yet again overdo the color... at the moment it's just seems too colorful... Chaos God bless when I freehand something on it, it won't be too overwhelmingly distracting.