Thursday, September 29, 2011

[WIP] Prototype Space Hulk Genestealer pt2

Woke up by the morning call of my mother, querying "how to send email ah", spend half an hour phone support her and another half taking these photo... This is the second attempt of genestealer color scheme, let me know what do you think about it...

Monday, September 26, 2011

[WIP] Prototype Space Hulk Genestealer

Not quite satisfy with this, I think I will repaint it.... The color and final outcome is just not natural and bionic enuff...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Flat broke skinny heretic versus 40k in a desperate battle

I have a bleeding wallet, but you know what? I'M HAPPY.

Gotta stop worship Chaos God for awhile and start my space hulk side project, boy, the details on the mini is just... stunning. Just finish cleaning some mold line and glued all the minis. Gotta turn on my painting mode, let's see how many of these I can paint in two months time.

Mean time, assembled some of the forge world Death Guard, figure that I actually haven't painted any banner yet, so I DIY-ed a Nurgle banner by kit bashing some chaos vehicle sprue, space marine command squad and the horn is chopping from one of the CSM's head.

Sooooo many minis... so little time... sigh.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chaos Terminators - completed.


Don't mess with the dude with the over size cornetto

The dude that I finished last week...

(Group Hug)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The reinforcement from Forge World finally arrived...

And uncle scourge intercepted it. My first forge world thingy... just spend the last half an hour admiring it, damn, no wonder folks say Forge World mold line is a bitch...

(sept 2011)

(Aug 2011)
Its been a long while I didn't do any hobby budget...

Aug 2011 - Chaos Terminator : RM 160
Aug 2011 - Green Stuff           : RM   35
Aug 2011 - Colors (purple-ish): RM 52
Sep 2011 - Forge World Death Guard + Dreadnaught Lascannon : RM 163
Sep 2011 - Colors (brown-ish) : RM 52
Sep 2011 - CSM box : RM 80 (from Mr Dann =))

Total : RM 542

Total Damage Up to Date : RM 2040.5


Working on the last termi, once it's done, gotta work on their base... Lack of progress, I blame this on my LV38 multiplayer Angry Marine....

Sunday, September 4, 2011

[WIP] Chaos Terminator - Horus Wannabe

What? You say he didn't look like Horus *at all*? You might be sitting too close to your screen, try three step back... What?! still don't look like Horus..? Try close your eye a bit and stare real hard... What?!!! still *don't* look like Horus...?




Thursday, September 1, 2011

[WIP] Chaos Terminator

Been awhile didn't update and truth be told lack of progress... I blame those on the White Wolf World of Darkness series of books that I newly acquired.

Manage to assemble and paint 2 of the termi while I'm on my balik-kampung-break. This time, I switch back to the original black legion color scheme and try out abit to see how compatible is black and blue-purple-ish color... the combination seems...awkward to me. Without further ado...

Tried to do some "hazing with energy" kind of effect on the Lightning Claw, but the effect comes out "meh"

I go pretty sloppy on this one....

I'm pretty pleased with the effect on the power weapon, being a one trick pony, magma effect FTW

This is the dude that I'm working on today.... trying the OSL effect on the terminator armor (think: Horus), but it didn't seems to go far... well, this could wait until the weekend to be repaint, I guess...