Friday, May 27, 2011

And so... finally I subcumb to the temptation...

There is 2 more chaos berzerkers that I need to paint... but, finally, I can't resist the urge to paint this beauty... so, there goes my last vanilla berzerker and their aspiring champion... here comes the Daemon Prince.

At first, I was searching high and low for a decent paint scheme that I could shamelessly steal, but unfortunately, I come across ... this...

My first thought was, wow, thats a cool looking Daemon Prince (Just so you wonder who the fuck is this fella, he is Lorgar, Daemon Prince and ex-primarch of Word Bearer)

Next thing I know, I was searching for the "lighting effect" that makes the mini "glow", this leads me to research a technique named "Object Source Lighting" (OSL) and then, I come across this...

I was thunderstruck by it's sheer awesomeness, so I decide to do my own poor-man version of this mini...

Below are my work in progress, it's still crude and I might consider to strip it and repaint if things goes awfully wrong... and since I do not have a decent camera at the moment, please bear with the blur pic and consider below as a teaser =p

After finished the head (yeah, it sucks, big time...) I realize that, leave all the part black is totally un-cool, I might need more..light source so I can paint some color on the other part of the mini... and then an idea struck me.. hey, since I'm working on a chaos undivided black legion army... why don't I make some glowing chaos icon so it can serve as light source... one thing leads to another, and there.we.go....

I'm planning to make icons of all four chaos god on the wing so I could paint and highlight the wing, the conflicted Chaos God icon will be on opposite side of the wing so they won't... well, conflict each other, and by painting on the inner side of the wing, I have "light source" that can bring some color on the body so the whole damned thing won't look so dull and unfinish.

That's all for the moment =)

edit - 29 oct 2011 : More painted icon and shots for this piece on

Monday, May 9, 2011

Some progress update on the Berzerkers Squad

3 down, another 5 to go... Most of these are painted on the extremely hooooootttttttt weekend between 07-08 May 2011. 

Still trying to figure how to make the red stand out more... maybe I should try to prime it white. 

But overall I think I like the black part that I purposely left out around the chest area and the legs to make the zerkers look worn out, although it does makes the figure looks a bit too dark...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

So many unpainted minis... so little time (and some budget stuff)

Alrite, it's been a while I din't do any budgetary stuff, lately, in 2011, I actually did some shopping for adding tools/stuff/minis to my arsenal...

1.) 1 Chaos Landrider and 1 Chaos Defiler - source from lowyat forum (Apr 2011) : RM 250
2.) 2 Daemon Prince - from Ivan @ 40k forum (7 may 2011) : RM 180
3.) One pack of GW razor wire from Hobby Forge (7 May 2011) : RM 35
4.) More color from Comic Mart (1 May 2011) : 5x14.50 : RM 72.50
5.) Three more brush from Art Friend (1 May 2011), alamak forget the price, est : RM 20

So, total damage up to date would be : RM 1125.5

Hmmmm... might need to pace myself a little bit, gotta paint them all before getting any new member for my Chaos Army...