Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting Started (in KL, Malaysia) - Wangsa Maju/Melawati area

It's been a while I didn't do any update for the Getting Started portion for this stupid blog, got carried away on all the painting and stuff.... so, here's some recent exploration:

Just found a mini hobby heaven around Wangsa Maju area (I'm living at the area at the moment...)

It's an art shop which carry a wide range of brushes and lots of stuff (PVC foam board for scratch build something, cutting mat, tons of stuff that could come handy when you wanna DIY ur base, errr.. and the mini machine that provide air pressure for airbrush too, not sure what's it's name... I heard they carry magnet too)

Presenting "The Art Shop" <-- it's really the shop name~_~:
The map from Wangsa Maju LRT to said shop
nearby landmark : Pos office Taman Melawati, the shop itself is on Jalan Negara, its a one way street, once you turn inside, it's the 2nd shop on your right hand side (Warning : kinda hard to find a parking, could be easier if you park a little bit further and just walk there...)

Go take a look if you happen to live nearby and looking for 40k supplies, you won't be disappointing. Plus, there is a ACE hardware shop just two street away, you could score some super glue (NOT for sniffing), spray can and also the measurement tape (I brought a two pack of 1M mini measurement tape there =p)

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