Thursday, September 1, 2011

[WIP] Chaos Terminator

Been awhile didn't update and truth be told lack of progress... I blame those on the White Wolf World of Darkness series of books that I newly acquired.

Manage to assemble and paint 2 of the termi while I'm on my balik-kampung-break. This time, I switch back to the original black legion color scheme and try out abit to see how compatible is black and blue-purple-ish color... the combination seems...awkward to me. Without further ado...

Tried to do some "hazing with energy" kind of effect on the Lightning Claw, but the effect comes out "meh"

I go pretty sloppy on this one....

I'm pretty pleased with the effect on the power weapon, being a one trick pony, magma effect FTW

This is the dude that I'm working on today.... trying the OSL effect on the terminator armor (think: Horus), but it didn't seems to go far... well, this could wait until the weekend to be repaint, I guess... 

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