Sunday, March 25, 2012

Forgive me Chaos God, I've been a lazy heretic lately...

Been lack of update for like..3 weeks... Well... over the period I only manage to paint up another 2 raptors..
But on a brighter note, at least I played like 3 games (my first three game ever ^^" still confuse bout all the rules) over the course...

Originally planned to at least paint up one more raptor today, but well, as usual... I was swayed and instead go play with some green stuff (not exactly all green stuff... some milliput is used too... it actually works kinda nice, less sticky and give a very smooth finish)...

Today, I restarted the project of Sally the defiler, Sally the defiler is one of the project that I abandoned last year, and hell, I don't really blog it~_~, it's basically a Slaanesh themed chaos defiler, with a female torso, I find that the current defiler design is too... manly... for something Slaaneshi... so I decided to add my own touch to the already awesome kit.

and so, stealing a line from Stephen King... SALLY LIVES! (..errr... partially...)

 Tested a few time for sculpting the head, just can't get the lips right, thrown away a few test prototype, this is the most satisfy output~_~

 oh, ya, you might have spotted the kabuki model (steam borg) behind, it was actually meant to be use as Sally's torso, but heck, when it arrived, I realize it was way too small....

the left over Milliput and GS is used to bash the body, and yeah, that's boobs..obviously this is WIP, will layer it with more Milliput (due to it's finer finish), I also realized that I need *more* reference for *female body* =____,=

Other than Sally, I also sculpted a partial skull with flames (Metallica Flaming Skull style =D), it will be used as a part for my Golden Kris single model entry (If I'm able to finish Sally, it will be my large model entry, shout out to Iqbal, 2012 will be the year of Slaanesh for large model on GK, kekeke). I'm waiting for it to dry for the moment...

Thats all.. finally I updated this bloody blog =P


  1. Cool....
    You can sculpt really well!
    Can't wait to see the finished product.
    Sally is a cute name...
    May as well paired with Deffy from MiniWarGaming.


  2. Really looking forward to seeing you finish sculpting and painting the piece. Your flames especially look very promising. Why don't you a tutorial on flame sculpting? I think it would be of great help to noobs like me.

    P.S. Your partially sculpted Sally head gives me the creeps i.e. they look very scary! Looks like something you would find in a horror house!!!

  3. Agree with 4EM on that....the head is creepy.

    Where did u game by the way? Alvin's?

    And no worries abt lack of updates. Happens to all of us man ;)

  4. @rkidz kun : Sally is a cute name... <-- you just have to wait until you meet Sally in person=__,=

    @FEM : Already have tuts on flame "rolling" lah...

    ps: Dolls are always creepy~_~ I follow the tutorial of how to sculpt a doll head.. (obviously I'm not really on that level =p) need more tools for sculpting lah, they have all those tools that makes the lips/cheek very pouty and nice 1....

    @Khairul : I popped my gaming cherry at Alvin's..LOL,first game against Iqbal (it's quite a spontaneous one actually...), second game with Syamael, and last game with Vern

  5. nice start..
    any ideas on how you might wanna do the torso?
    just let me know if you want something from the twisted vault of my head, hahaha :p

    btw, I can help you to sculpt the body too if you want..