Saturday, September 1, 2012

[WIP] Chick with boobs (Kingdom Death)

Surprisingly, I'm able to make some progress to start painting the chick.... this is what I have after 1/100 piece of bread and four ciggies later... It's been a while I post two post within 24 hours.. LOL

Awesome art card that comes with the box, I use this for reference

Closer look for the boobs... I mean, miniature.

side by side comparison.


  1. Macam real saja..
    Keep it up bro!

    1. Thanks Lord AK... eh.. u found the CSM portion of dark vengeance that you want? Cultist is so and so.. but all the remaining chaos mini is choke full of details... too bad the weapon option of chosen is a bit lame and weird (lightning claw, power maul, etc etc), and clip instead of multipart... could be a pain in arse to convert those pose.

  2. Nice skin tone limp! I think you have that down pad. =) I can see that you spent a lot of time on the boobs. =P Well painted sir! The outline for the straps on her right thigh seem a bit too dark though ... but coming from a nooby painter like me you might wanna take that with a pinch of salt heh heh. It will be great if we can share notes when painting these ladies and do them justice.

    1. Just for the note, the color that I used for skin tone are:
      1.) Dwarf Flesh
      2.) Elf Flesh
      3.) Skull white
      4.) (Watered down) Devlan Mud Wash

      base coat white,

      first go Elf Flesh(dont water down, or its quite hard to cover all white),

      Watered down Dwarf Flesh to wash into cleavage, belly button, abs, the portion under the cloak

      Elf Flesh to cover up mistakes and and blending the "edge" portion of overdone dwarf flesh

      Water down Devlan Mud to create shadow (cleavage again, belly button, the left and right side of the abs.

      Skull white to hightlight boobies and abs, some highlight on thigh =)

      U start painting today?

    2. Thanks dude! I will let you know what I am trying for lelith when I am done with her. Just about finished the basecoat for lelith yesterday. Should continue painting today but I am currently hooked on First Heretic.

      Might just get some Dwarf Flesh to follow your technique. There are about 2 or 3 techniques I wanna try to see which one looks best.

      Just realised I need Enchanted Blue for some blue cloth I am painting. Might drop by HF today as I need to run some errands in town anyways.

    3. u have any light brown color, like vomit brwon? if yes, you can try mixing vomit brown and elf flesh, I believe it should be quite close to dwarf flesh.

  3. Oh ya nearly forgot ... you should check these out ...

    1. hur hur hur Mike McVey...
      I remember there is a comic strip that poke fun of him

  4. Looking good dude :)

    p/s: did you purposely uncensored the boobies on the last pic?

    1. Thanks.

      Dude, the pic on the right hand side is actually not nipple =p it's a patch of some very revealing bikini thingy... (And I'm being serious and not kidding...)


    2. I know, just pulling your leg lah :D