Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Chaos codex, new Chaos Army

Folks says Chaos Heldrake are fugly, but I digress, with some reposing, it shall look awesome!

Cutting RM250 piece of plastic probably not my wisest moment....

fill up the flyer base gap


Moar cuts!

My secret weapon on Heldrake....

TLLC + Power Scourge Helbrute (actually... I want a Dreadnaught...) 


  1. Dude ... seeing what you have done with the Hellbrute so far, I am so looking forward to what you are going to do with the Heldrake! I agree in that the Heldrake is really ... really ... fugly beyond belief. I mean, I want CSM not Transformers. =P

    Hey ... I can also see Sally on the background on the last picture =)

    Are there any sites you checked out while starting out with sculpting? Just bought my green and blue stuff last week. ^^

  2. I picked up a Heldrake as well- nice.