Sunday, July 24, 2011

Double feature of the day : Checkpoint - What I had complete since December 2010 - July 2011

A.K.A the damned hobby journey of a skinny heretic.

The Chosen flock (June-July 2011), 5 more will be adding to their rank:

The (not so) happy children of the Khorne (April-May 2011):

The Possessed dudes(March-April 2011):
"say cheese and show your teeth, boys"

He who came first (Dec 2010 - Long hiatus on Jan and Feb 2011 - March 2011):

One big happy family:

Oh, almost forget, the boss guy with fancy icons (May - June 2011)

In a month or two time, with some vehicle ready, they should be ready to join Lord Abaddon's Black crusade... it was about time to let the galaxy burn... 


  1. Nice looking army u have there dude!!!

    Can see that u really put extra effort on them. Well done!! They're really nice :)

    How many points are u planning to paint?

  2. Fantastic progress! I especially love the Plague Marines- great conversions and wonderful paint jobs.

    You doing any tanks?

  3. good looking army there dude..
    the different bases for each squad is on purpose, is it?

  4. @Khairul : Hi there, naw, it's just a so and so looking army at best, but since this is my first army, the passion and enthusiasm is still strong, I'm painting as detail as I could manage. I wish that when I finally finished them and look back, I will think "well, tough job, but I had fun"

    I'm going for 1500 or 1750 pt, the painted ones are about 800 pt at the moment

    @Deathkorps : I will be doing a Rhino next, have one Land raider and one Defiler too, had actually watched your video on FOW youtube, I'm really eager to try out the sponge and the pencil trick (actually tried the sponge trick on the base on the previous post, but I guess I need more practise) =D

    @Vuel : Muahahaha, I just wanna try out all the possibilites that I could do with the CSM faction, also, after complete the first two squad, I realize that the talus base is really quite hard to stick the minis on them steadily (till today, I'm handling them with extra care, I guess one strong knock is all it takes to seperate the base and the mini. =p), so my recent squad are on a flat bases.

  5. I really like the bases on the berserkers and plague marines. nice work :)

  6. @Grim Darkness : Hi there, haha, thanks! The blood patches on the zerker's bases is actually an idea stolen from the internet, which can be quite easily done by using Tamiya clear red. As for the plaggie one, the dirty effect (done by heavy wash) and the rust effect, both attribute to the generous suggestion of Iqbal and Jeff in earlier post.