Sunday, July 3, 2011

The loyalist had been turned.... sort of...

This is my first close encounter with green stuff... it's fun =D

Ingredient : Green Stuff(obviously), Guitar string (for the pipe-like thingy that connect the head with body), the melta is homemade too(see below for more details of how to)

This is actually my first conversion work too.. as my boys are chaos undivided worshiper, I plan to include all four faction of chaos pantheon... zerkers, checked, vanilla csm, checked, now, it's time for some Nurgle goodness (I've always wanted to paint Plague Marine!). Since I have a box of Space Marine Assault Squad laying around, these poor, poor loyalist had been chosen to be my guinea pig for conversion.

The boys above will not be field as plague marine though, but as Chaos Space Marine Chosen. I have ten bodies, plan to make two squad of 5 melta/plasma Chosen Squad with no icon/mark watsover...

Two down, eight more to go, wish me luck =D 

Oh ya, need to acknowledge my reference for modelling the plague marine <-- how to make an old-school plague marine

One more info of where to get the clamp for making the homemade melta in Malaysia, I got mine at The Gardens (Mid Valley), there is a shop named Art Friend. It's pretty cheap IMHO, around RM5 for 6 clamps.


  1. Chosen?..dude, just build them as straight up plague marines..they're that awesome..

  2. Chosen looks to me got more weapon option~~ 5 melta and 5 plasma sounds like a world of pain to me, though the ability to stay on field can't compete to plague marine...