Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kor Phaeron the Word Bearer dude is attending Magacon...

This is my piece for participating Magacon Pewter Demon, was previously planning to do Huron Blackheart but can't really get the finecast at last minute, spent a few day googling cool 40k image and I found the below
(Kor Phaeron the Black Cardinal of Word Bearer)

Okkkkeeyyy, I did some poor man version of Lorgar daemon prince form previously, I just finish reading The First Heretic (though I didn't see this bloke in the book), I don't see why not to use this as a "reference" to kit bash a piece for the convention.... 
Edit (14 Jan 2012) : OMG OMG OMG, LOL, I should have read the book more throughout! Kor Phaeron is in fact in First Heretic and he is Lorgar's foster father... also, this bugger is suppose to be in a terminator armor... wahahaha, big mistake on the conversion below

Next thing I know I was kit-bashing using my left over CSM bits and also the Terminator Lord that I ignore for quite a while... was previously intending to use the terminator shoulder guard to imitate the scale on the image, but figure that I don't want to be accuse of mounting a terminator on a 28mm base, so I stick to normal marine shoulder guard.... ke ke ke ke (the terminator lord's leg even pose the same with the picture... was so tempting to use it...)

Wish me luck, I need a lot of it, as usual, things don't look as bad until you magnify it digitally, damn, there is so many flaw I could spot on hi-res digital photo..LOL

Crack out my poor man version of "Ikea" lamp (brought from Jusco=p) but the photo quality still sucks, I guess the problem is on either my painting skill, my lousy digital camera or... both.

Mr Kor Phaeron in his full glory =D

I've thrown in all I learn over my one year hobby period, OSL, green stuff-ing, washing, highlight, color blending, and a tiny bit of NMM(well.. first time experimenting), so I would consider this piece as my "year end review" as well.. heh.


  1. Really awesome paint-job, dude! It's even more impressive seeing the time it took you from your last post to this. I salute you!!!

    I also like the details that you managed to maintain and bring out on his face. Cool!

    Is the blue-coloured tubes at his back the standard lore colour-scheme? Makes him seem less evil =)

  2. Hey FEM, meh, I think the overall thingy looks too dim lah, and on certain part the paint is too thick (my blood red clotted already, damn, still have like 2/3 pot left, no matter how I thin it down, it still leave some ugly thick mark all over, seems like I gotta get a new pot if I'm going to paint something red soon..),

    Can't really makes the flame looks brighter too... wonder how other folks did it (like the daemon prince that Dann post in forum...)

    The tube I cincai paint with blue one, don't really have a reference for the behind part of Kor Phaeron, so I just go crazy..LOL

  3. Very nice work man :)

    Your painting has really improved!!

    Pics quality is good. Huge improvement over your past. Camera pixel looks ok. Just try improving your lightning.

    Have u tried using straight skull white at the tip of your flames to make it pop more..

    Award winning entry there man. Good luck!!

  4. @Khairul : Thanks man =)

    Had tried to place a very thin skull white over everything flaming, but it still looks dull, I guess I might need to mix white into red, orange, and yellow individually instead of applying thin layer of skull white over stuff.

    About lighting, any tips? I actually tried to place the light on the side as per what you suggested but it doesn't light up the model too well... could be my lightbuld's problem, also realized that can't directly apply the naked light source to the model, the model will actually reflect the light and everything will become a blur of white... I end up sticking a piece of toilet paper (I faintly remember you did this with a white cloth on Legio Birthday Bash) with blu tac to soften the light abit and place the light just on top of my camera to get the current outcome, I think more experiment is needed~_~

  5. Yeah, u just need to experiment. For me, light source is always above and parallel or slightly behind my camera.

    Again, experiment. And get a good light white source :)Good doesn't have to be expensive.