Sunday, December 18, 2011

Magacon =D

Magacon War torn ticket - Checked.

Goodies - Awesome!

First trophy on my trophy rack - I am in luck....
(Considering to custom make a shoulder mount trophy rack like those on terminator armor and impale it on...)
(or maybe not.)

Fanboi achievement - Fail, shy of Ultramarine the movie =..=
(see below)

Bigger, meaner, smellier thing in life - IT SUCKS.
(This is the reason I can't watch Ultramarine the movie from head to toe under supervision. Barely catch up to  fetch my 2 weeks old laundry before my local friendly laundry dobi closed up and send in this batch that I packed in my car....)

Footnote (Wall of text)

First thing first, man, Magacon is all thing geeky, huge fun! Me and my mate (Shout out: How Jit dailow and Foo Siong, SORRY DUDE, I ignored you guys half of the time to get the achievement thingy... and maybe drag you guys to be involved in one or two of my achievement thingy... =p) was trolling around, XBOX kinect, boardgames, card game (I guess my mate is starting to loath space hulk : death angel the card game already...), 40k, MTG, we've seen/try it all... good stuff. LARP is not our cuppa, but I'm secretly reading whitewolf's RPG (World of Darkness, Vampire the Requiem) and maybe... just maybe, on the next Magacon LARP, I will... consider take part of it... (or barring that, ooze out rm200 or so to get FFG's Black Crusade RPG for my reading pleasure..). 

Also manage to meet Salleh (Battle Brother Bob) in 40kmalaysia forum and pestering him almost whole day to work on my achievement thingy, it's great to match another face with forum ID =D Thank you dude! for sacrificing all your fun time to baby-sit all the Fanboi through the achievement thingy!

Was VERY tempted to get Skyrim from CK Media (I brought almost all my physical PC game from them at But well, after checking my puny wallet's content and considering the outstanding mini to paint/books to read, I give it a pass~_~)

Unfortunately Space Marine the game is unable to be played at the PC gaming area too (unless you are willing to sign in your Steam account on public PC.. I'm a bit paranoid about that....), it could be a potential crowd pleaser if we can get a team of player to play the MP of Space Marine, it's fun in an old-school way (like Quake and Unreal) and could be very competitive too. (And hopefully, it could attract more potential 40k players to the miniature aspect of it!)

Manage to chat up with Khairul and Jeff (of Legio fame) while they are not busy with tournament on the second day, hey Khairul, shout out to you, Thanks for letting me taking a peep on the awesome Flames Of War campaign set and imparting the knowledge of the file/sand thingy, I really don't know that we can use those on the annoying mold line/break point, I will *definately* get those and add it to my hobby arsenal =D And sorry Jeff, LOL, my english is really so-and-so and sometime when you are talking fast, I can't really get you (same applies to TJ...I hope I get his name right.. LOL, my bad) =p, but well, you had open the door for me to look into the potential of alternative paint and maybe an airbrush, man, I wish I could visit Legio more (will try to!) and chat up more with you guys!

Alvin of Hobby Forge is as friendly as usual, and thanks for the time for the demo game, you are da man! I will try to finish my Chaos ASAP and visit forge soon for a game (don't.. steamroll me, pls, if we happen to able to get a game... as you can see from the demo game, I'm a bit (okkkeyy, maybe more than a bit) slow on rules and tactic.. LOL), and finally I manage to chat up with Yip too, ah, man, I forget to personally thank you, face to face, for the Space Hulk.

And oh, the dude on painting demo (ARRGGGHH! Sorry I didn't get your name, but I think I saw you somewhere, Comic Mart?) table too, thanks for letting me trolling around and kill time there when waiting my fren to finish his boardgame =D

Another shout out is for Wai Yan of boardgamecafe and OTK fame, ha, glad you still remember me =) And also Aaron and Kenny from Meeple (and all the chicks that you guys hire to attract the crowd =p) for the demo game of Ticket to Ride and also Space Hulk : Death Angel (I'm glad we haven't dabble the territory of Horus Heresy the boardgame..kekekeke)

And finally, to Chang, the organizer of the event, thank you very, very much for this awesome event! I will be there for the next Magacon! I've never anticipate this kind of convention will be available in Malaysia and you guys make it happen! 

After all the shout out and all that, below is some *personal opinion* that Magacon can.. well, improve for the coming years, I'm well aware that this is only the first year and things could be in chaos, I'm very sure it will be much, much better in the coming years!

My Rant:
1.) The official site and the information available on it -  well, it's not quite matching with the actual time table of the event itself, and the information available on it is quite scarce, I would say, maybe next year you could update the time table beforehand, say, one week in advance, instead of just announcing it on the day itself? Folks can be better planned for what they want to participate based on the time table on the official site.

2.) This is just for GW related product - dude, hire more chicks (or dude) to attract the crowd (Meeple is doing this right, their promoter actually approach the crowd to pull them into the boardgame area). And also, some eye catching banner/poster won't be a bad idea (MTG/ASUS is doing this right, when you walk past the area, you will know, oh, this is Magic the Gathering, oh, this is Asus, oh, this is something called Meeple),  more table for painting/game demo, and also, if you are going to do the achievement thingy (I personally think this is a GREAT IDEA), get more man power to oversee each achievement or assign a dedicated personel (with GW shirt, maybe?) to oversee a couple groups of participant, or maybe even setup a timetable for when can we get an achievement at where, instead of putting all this on one person to oversee everything (far as I know, there is only Salleh), so folks can get more involve in this fun activity that could open doors to a lifetime of fun hobby! As a participant, it was quite clueless where can we find someone to "certified" our achievement at first, and sometime when we want to get a certain achievement, Salleh is not available because he is engaging in oversee-ing other participant ~_~

WOW! Dang! This is the longest post for this blog!


  1. Congrats on your painting contest win, and sorry if I'm rattling on too fast. I'll keep that in mind :)

  2. @Deathkorp : No worry.. LOL, seriously, it's my problem. I can read and write English okey (or I hope I am...), but don't really understand it well when I listen to it.

  3. Congrats man!!!

    U deserved it. A very nicely painted model there :)

    And don't worry abt Jeff's english. We're working on his bahasa :P

  4. @Khairul : Thanks man ;) Hehehe, Jeff on Bahasa? That sounds intriguing =___,=

  5. If only I could have attended the event. Congrats man! You won a painting contest? Cool!

  6. @FEM : You have to go there next year. Bring your family along =)

  7. congrats dude, keep up the good work..let's have a showdown in Golden Kris ;P

  8. @Vuel : Thanks man ;-p Lets hope we can have a showdown on both painting and gaming, hahaha, gotta wrap up Captain Titus and paint my last three vehicle already! (But the defiler... I'm still very itching to convert it to "Sally the defiler"....)

  9. if forge is open this sunday, why don't we have a look on what we can do with Sally..

  10. Souuunndddddsss Good man! I have no plan on xmas anyway, keke, any Idea in mind? Less GS = Better, hahaha...

    Actually, I was wondering can I haul stuff to paint there if it is not a hobby day?

  11. should be of no problem, as long as you do it on the hobby table..
    just bring all the extra bits/sprue/kits that you have, we'll start with whatever you have first..never rule out the use of GS for any conversion though..

  12. Okie doke! Then I might haul Captain Titus to there and continue working on it oso..kekeke

    Actually have quite a handful of bits now.. already tried to see what is fit, but sadly, nothing seems to have the right "feel"... I think what I need most is a right size of female torso with a nice head/expression... I seriously doubt I can sculpt it with GS~_~"

    I'll PM you my contact in forum =D Lets arrange a time to meet up in Forge on sunday!

  13. Hey limp ... sorry for this unrelated question but I noticed that you had 2 blogs on 1 email account. How did you manage that? Which section in blogger allows us to post a completely new blog?

  14. Yes sir! (LOL)

    1.) click on "new post" beside your email (on top)
    2.) now look at your email again, click on "Dashboard"
    3.) Parallel to the "Manage You Blog" part you will see something call "create a new blog"

    Let me know if you need a screen cap =)

  15. heh heh ... thanks limp ... aiya only 39 lah ... still young ... at heart keh keh. Whats a screen cap? Also, stupid question ... when I click create new blog the old one still can continue posting right? Old man lah .. must explain slowly!

  16. screen cap = short form of "screen capture", for the steps.. sometime just words could be confusing.. you manage to locate the thing?

    yup, new one and old one coexist. You can update any one (or both) anything you want =)

    (I'm a decade greener (orkhide green, I reckon) than you, but boy, I feel so old already =___,=)