Sunday, April 15, 2012

[WIP] Stuffs.

Manage to work more on the Khorne guy... still playing around with NMM... Totally can't get it right...

connected the neck for Sally... obviously it needs a tons of touch up... (can I really make it before end of this month....?)

Also blew my last available hobby fund on this, brought on Friday, assembled last night/early today...

ps: Birthday this week. Nearing the big 30... the impending doom of Midlife Crisis. 
Wish List : cash, cash, C.A.S.H.


  1. Nice progress on Sally who still creeps me out.

    Ahhhh 30 ... to be so young again. heh heh

  2. 30 is just a number, no big deal..
    NMM ain't simple, but practice makes perfect..

    By the way, in my most humble opinion, Sally's neck is a bit too long..the length should be around 1/3 of the chest width..unless, you're planning to bulk up the body a bit more..

  3. ya, 30 is merely like expiry date, speed limit and traffic light, it's just suggestion... or so I hope.

    @FEM : got you painting book? I had a quick browse of it on Saturday on Alvin's, never expect it to be so many pages.. Lookin kinda nice, but too bad PK oledy =p

    @Vuel : actually I purposely make it longer 1, wanna make it looks abit out of propotion to make it to extra long and slander, the... errr.. i dunno what it's anatomy name, bone below her neck oso looks abit cacat.. need alot more touch up...

  4. oh, in that case, you gotta make sure the arms are also slender-looking and enlarge the 'cup size' to balance the elongated neck..

    the collar bone a.k.a clavicle looks good, but you may need to sculpt the trapezoid muscle (area between neck & shoulder) a bit more..and more definition on the shoulder muscles..need help?

  5. and more definition on the shoulder muscles..need help?<-- LOL, for some unknown reason this sound homoerotic...LOL....

    I think I will look for some reference online..ahem.. I mean anatomy... not ... movie =___,= The arms and finger is gonna be extra long I guess^^

    Thanks for the kind offer anyway! If I stuck somewhere I will bring it to Legio and see what magic you can do=D

  6. dude!..the way you read my words sounded so wrong at many levels..LOL

  7. Realy like the purple flames.. This Khorne guy is.. Iori Yagami?

    1. ....

      gotta scrap off his khorne icon and sculpt his signature hairstyle!

  8. Hey.. that's a good idea! I might even do it myself hahaha