Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yet another lack of progress week~_~

I'm so sleepy that I cant even form sentence, so I will do this in point form instead :

- Friday, visit Legio again, manage to start painting my Golden Kris entry, the Khorne guy with BFA
- Friday, ask Syamael for a game on Sunday while I'm abit tipsy =p
- Friday, got back from Legio, downed another 3 can of carlsberg, stay up until 3a.m-ish playing games
- Saturday, sleep, wake up, lunch, sleep, wake up, dinner
- Saturday (after dinner), finally make up my mind to get a Necron Battleforce and Codex just for the sake of taking part in Legio K3 and performing the bro-fist with Blood Angle, will be partner be Hakim, another newcomer
- Continue painting my Khorne guy until 1am something
- Could be sleeping too much... I.SUFFER.INSOMNIA
- Continue painting my Khorne guy until 4am something
- Sunday, Syamael gimme a ring... he is @ forge already, OMGWTFBBQ, send my laundry to FLGD (frenly local good dobi), eh..belum buka, so just go straight to fore
- Sunday, TA again by space wolf on turn 3 =p (Thanks for the game Syamael, I think I start to get a hang of it...)
- Sunday, Iqbal dropping by
- Sunday, meet up with Hakim, a pact is formed (via BA/Necron bro-fist)... gotta allocate some hobby fund for a Necron Battleforce+HQ and Codex, paint them decently, and maybe sell it off after K3 for more chaos stuff...
- Sunday, rush back from Alvin's to FLGB, OMGWTFBBQ, not open today??!!
- Sunday, got a piece of terrain from Alvin's, primed it black, half way, raining cat and dog... manage to save it in time. This should be a fun piece to paint, will paint it Chaos style =__,=
- Sunday, cincai cincai snap a picture of WIP Khorne guy, post this blog entry

As usual, consider the below average picture quality as teaser for GK entry

Planning to do this piece purely NMM style (with OSL throw into mix for good measure), you might notice the axe is actually painted in NMM, trying NMM on the other metallic part, not quite satisfy, might redo it.

Outstanding Hobby Stuff :
- Terrain
- Submit registration for K3 on next Friday
- Necron thingy - come up with a list and see whether should go for Battleforce and decide which lord
- Sally
- Khorne Guy

Conclusion : Action packed hobby week. Could be annoyingly busy for the coming weeks. Sleepy.


  1. Whoa! Busy week dude! Good for you. I think you got the physics of the conversion of your Golden Kris entry down pat. It looks very natural to me. Are you going to put up completed pics only after Golden Kris?

    1. haiyo u lar FEM, waiting for you to reponse whether wanna be my K3 partner but u never reply=..=

      Re the GK entry, I think I will post up pic as soon as i think it is ready lah, hide it oso no fun =p My Magacon entry oso reveal before attend one =D (most importantly it could serve as filler for my weekly update , kekekeke)

    2. Aiyo ... oops I didn't know the deadline was so close. Wasn't sure I should confirm as not sure I can get an army up. Really sorry dude. Good that you got another partner. Betterlah ... me so hopeless ... suddenly no mood to paint as I was going for 'temuduga'.

    3. No problemo, when it comes to bread and butter vs hobby, I guess bread and butter always win...

      I actually have quite a deep fear on interview (not really a people person) =p But getting real, real fucking bored and fed up with current job already, probably I will start to look for a new one after I delivered my current project on hand.. dunno.. on one hand, the pay is okey... on the other, I no longer like the environment anymore...

      watever, I should stop ranting. Good luck on your temuduga eh man!

      BTW, been watching this :

      whole day while painting, man~~ I wanna marry a girl like Felicia Day

  2. A busy hobby week indeed....
    Btw, you're seriously gonna buy a Necron army????
    Aww man....... Just when I want to start my own Necron army.....

    1. ...

      Actually, after checking my puny wallet content, pasar malam version of codex (u noe what i mean =p) and hobby time... I... changed my mind~_~ (so much of "I WANNA START A NEW ARMY" tall talk... i noe, LAME~~~), going to continue expand my chaos instead (just need to get/paint another vindi and another rhino), then I have a nice 800pt list for k3 dy ^^ (plus, the vindi can be put into good use for my lousy 1750 list, off goes the possessed boys)

      Dude~~ what stops u to get ur Necron? (Alvin have 3 boxes of battleforce in stock lah), (also, I see that David at warpspace is doing a bundle (battleforce with codex)), check both of em out n see which one suits your fancy =)

    2. O_o....
      I didn't say I'm stopped from getting Necron..... Just, you know, It doesn't too fun fighting against the same army.... hehe......
      I'm planning to get A Necron Battleforce, A HQ, Necron Codex and some paint. Airbrush set too if I could. I wonder how much it will cost me....
      If only I haven't got some important programs every weekend, I could buy it sooner already..... sob sob....

    3. =P go check the forum(or is it at old forum...) when necron dex came out (before Magacon...), I think most of the veteran is building a necron army, hehehe =) Btw, I think now various color of power armor Astrates is dominating the table, you might be sick of em when you finally hit the table, heh heh, but on a brighter note, at least you will get used of them soon due to the stats is more or less the same, no need to memorize too much

      I would suggest you check with Alvin or David (or any other stockist of your choice ^^), I think a battlebox with a dex is about 450-ish, a finecast HQ is about 60-ish, so it will be about 500 for starter, airbrush sounds cool, but I think the investment is a bit steep , maybe can consider hold that back abit? I'm not sure, you sure paint faster with airbrush (not to mention better, some effect just cant imitate by hand, but then, it took practice)

      Aware that you do alot of other hobby oso (cosplay.. WOW dude, the Tekkan cosplay looks awesome, place some real rivet on the fist lah (those are taekwondo glove right?), I'm not really a fans of Naruto though.. mainly because the comic keep dragging and dragging and now is just reduce to a massive fight fest with character resurrected infinitely) (And Figma too, I was into collecting Alien action figure (not those hot toys one.. cant really afford..)), I guess you have to take it slowly~_~

      Ah.... I've been mumbling too much again, must be the coffee...

      Have fun dude!

    4. That's quite a mumble.... lol!
      Well, thanks for the advice anyway. I think I could manage about 500..... Hmm... and i think I will reconsider about the airbrush.

      Yeah. I do a lots of hobbies, just to get rid of my non-ending boredom..... I always attend anime and games convention, and starting getting deep into cosplaying right now.... hehe.... cosplaying is fun....

      Well, thanks anyway as always.
      I will have fun!