Sunday, January 27, 2013

Legio Army Throwdown - Night Lord - Army Display Board

I have two more marines to paint but I'm really sick of painting power armor already... yesterday went out to meet with friends and drop by mid-valley (the garden) to procure some material for army display board, spent about 2 hours on and off last night to assemble the thing...

(For some unknown reason, those two pool of white glue look annoyingly obscene)

Cover the polystyrene with paper clay (it smells funny...), code my pocket money project until 3am while waiting it to be dry and then goto sleep

Based coated the stuff earlier while continue coding....

started to paint the rocky wall beside and the base...

A little bit of work on the building and it's done

closer look to the building

placed some of my previously painted Black Legion CSM dudes to gauge the look and feel.

You might say, huh? Done?? it looks very blacky! Actually instead of going for everything painted and leaving no black kind of look, I wanted this piece to present a moody atmosphere which I think will fit Night Lords well. 

In front of a ruin building in a windy foggy night with dim moonlight, the Night Lords sneakily trying to advance and prowl the unfortunate victim.

Heading to dinner and then to coding, till next time folks.

ps: C&C needed for the display board, since I am slightly ahead of schedule on both painting and coding, I might be able to improve it.


  1. Looking good limp. Please keep posting pictures as you progress as opposed to posting them only after you have finished the project.

    Ahhh coding ... tried learning machine language for the Sinclair Spectrum when I was a wee little lad in primary school but couldn't master it. Wish I persisted with my dream to be in IT.

    1. ok that came out wrong =P what I meant was please do keep on posting progress pics as well as the finished product (which you did here) ... heh heh ... actifed med making me a bit blur. sigh

  2. LOL, take care man, weird weather lately, warm like f**k and then evening raining...

    I actually prefer to post finished pic instead of WIP.... I think I saw it from a FTW article once, folks are normally more interest with finished post. Also make a mental note to myself : post the finished pic as first post so when it pops up on other folks blogger feed, it shows the finished output.

  3. Nicely done indeed. You're definitely in the running for best display base :). That's gonna make a really nice themed csm effect when you display your troops this Friday. Well done man!!
    The bar for Legio's throwdown has been moved up another notch ;)

    1. Thanks man, you guys set the bar first, I'm merely follow ;-) Looking forward to see your second troop choice coming Friday.

  4. Your display is really nice!