Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Legio Throwdown - Troop Choice 2 WIP

Assembled my final few pieces for taking part in Legio Malaysia Army Throwdown 2013, this is the second troop choice that I have in my army list, differ from previous bolter toting look, for this squad, I'm going for a fully close combat look.

Adjusted some chainsword gripping hand's angle, the original pose is abit stiff and static

My version of "Talos/Decimus" inspired by Aaron Dembski Bowden's Night Lord trilogy

Come at me bro!

I'm proud of this piece, never expect Berzerker's leg and head (I scrap off the "teeth" thingy, always find that fugly) could produce a dynamic pose, maybe I will sculpt this fella some floating long hair.

Some basing and priming, and they are ready to be paint =) I have about a month to work on them (for first deadline I will turn in the painted troop in previous post). Till next time.


  1. I like the poses a lot. Nicely done.

    Just checked out the throwdown. I only have regular 40K armies so there is no way I can take part. No budget for any major Forgeworld purchases. =(

    1. No ah bro, you could take part with normal 40k army too, Horus Heresy is just an optional theme. Try come out with a 2k list(with less than 25% model painted), email to legiomalaysia@gmail.com and you are all set =)

  2. Looking good man.

    Quah, Limp is right, you don't need to do 30K. 40K is fine, we just want to encourage hobbist to paint up their armies. Come join the madness...it'll be fun :). You know you want too!! hehe

    And I'm not going to be beating Limp like he suggested. I'm new to 6th ed too and will probably get my arse whipped by him. Come join us this saturday.

  3. goh you're from melawati/ampang area rite? do you you know theres a new games shop at wangsa maju

    1. yup, im living somewhere around there, I think you are refering to the new one opposite wangsa walk right? A fellow hobbyist mentioned about it, but I haven't have chance to visit there yet =)