Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Space Hulk - Brother Noctis & Brother Scipio

Spent a week just to churn out this two piece.... This is the first time I thought the picture didn't do my mini justice, normally the photo looks nicer than the real thing...

Brother Noctis

Brada Scipio (his name is too long I dont dare to freehand as how it does behind the rulebook..)

It's a breeze GW attached the painted photo behind the rulebook so we can refer to it and paint... way easier than imagine the color ourself..hehehehe


  1. Nice work! Looks really good. Highlights work for me too. In my books, just a week for these 2 is pretty fast. But then again, I am really slow.

  2. The highlight is uneven... shaky hands...=P I guess there is still a lot room for improvement. Well, I do have another 10 piece to practice =___,="

  3. Nice looking termie u have there man :)

    Those space hulk models are really nice. I like your crisp finish. Most of my 40k models so far are done like that.

    Did u do any washes on the plates? Can't quite make from yr pics.
    Also, lightly drybrushing the air vent at his back will bring out the vent panels.

    Your gems and eyes look good too :)Don't worry abt the uneven highlight lines. You can color it over with the base color.

    Final comment :)
    Use a very fine end brush, doesn't have to be 000, i use 00 and learn to draw letters on paper. Start with something simple like 'death' and practice and practice until u're ready to go to the model :)

    Good luck man!!

  4. Hi Khairul, thanks for the useful tips =) I didn't wash the armor, mainly because I wanna contrast these babies with the genestealer(they will be heavily wash)

    Still learning to get the gems right, I think it was still pretty crude at the moment, same for the wording on parchment, not quite confident to go for it yet... All in all, I need some super fine brush for these tiny details (hmmm.. maybe I should visit the shop I got my 5/0 (its more tiny than 000, LOVE it!) brush tomolo, since I'm on leave =D (but gotta go queue up for passport thingy early in the morning~_~)

    Ditto on the vent, I will wash it black and go for some glowing effect =)