Monday, October 31, 2011

[Halloween Special Side Project] Last Night On Earth (Boardgame)

Got this boardgame around 1 month ago, was itching to paint something not 40k related... been kinda bored of painting chaos boys, so I started this... and now it's finished!

More details of Last Night On Earth can be found on

The Heroes

The Zombies

A particular few pieces that I like it better...


  1. Dude, those are nicely done :)!!!

    I have the game to plus the growing hunger expansion. Play almost every weekend with my kids.

    Better not show yr pics to them or they'll start harassing me abt painting ours :P

    Well done again. Looks really cool!!

  2. =p Cant get the human skin tone right... This one is actually kinda sloppy work (compare to my other 40k mini.., I just wanna game them fast), didn't even prime them black before I paint it...

    Anyway, CMON is having halloween sales... I'm tempted to get a few piece of enigma minis... and maybe the female vampire piece named "Nocturna", still searching high and low for a suitable female piece (with reasonable price, of course) for my Chaos Defiler conversion =D