Sunday, October 2, 2011

[WIP] Forge World Death Guard

Start to work on these babies, wanted to distinguish them from my previous plague chosen, so I try out another color scheme, originally they was suppose to be very brownish and rusty, but I realize that it's quite hard to highlight on brown unless I go for some very pale color... In the end they turn up to be current color scheme... This is also the first time I use other color than black to base coat the model, they was base coated with scorched brown.

The main different between this batch of plague marine with previous batch is, I did not use any wash on current batch while the previous batch is heavily washed...

I started to get a hang on the rust effect (mostly due to I've procured more rusty color like vermin brown and mechrius orange)

The second guy.

WIP guy.


  1. Did you use a black or white undercoat for your plague marines?

  2. hey dude, errr, for this batch, actually im using scorched brown. The other I'm all using black base coat...

  3. Looks nice with the scorched brown base. Saw one painter use a white undercoat on his plague marines

  4. the sick pale version of plague marine look nice! (which kinda canon too, as if I remember correctly preheresy death guard should be donning grey-white armor).

    But I think actually he should stop at step 4, it's nice enough already =D IMHO on step 4 it's nicer than the final outcome

  5. Those are some nicely painted nurgle worshipers!!
    The green grime effect is spot on!!

    Well done man. Have u given any thoughts on their bases?

  6. LOL, thanks man =)

    Errr.. I guess I will stick to the DIY tech base, no idea for the moment yet...