Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Chaos Gods whisper/yell/scream to the skinny heretic...

"HAPPY 2012" the skinny heretic heard.

"Better start painting some mini" they warned, too....

Zero progress on anything after Magacon, trivial things in life hinder painting =..= Only one Ork boyz painted.

Hooked on Chaos in the old world boardgame, played like 4 games since I brought it on Friday night, still lookin for ways to fine tune this to allow 2 player play. Fellow heretic coming in 20 mins time to play yet another few round, Chaos God bless him.

Happy New Year folks. I myself hope this year is as fruitful as Nurgle's garden (and less sucky compare to last year)


  1. is that a sketch of yourself kissing a CSM helmet?

  2. Real Chaos don't kiss, they bite... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    T__,T I'm just doodle it to be holding a helmet ... kissing it is abit... errr... nvm.

  3. One of these days we should meet in Hobby Forge and have a game of Chaos in the Old World ... that is if Alvin allows it. Saw the boardgame in Kino and was tempted to buy it BUT funds are non-existent at the moment.

  4. @FEM: Sure dude! But this game is kinda imbalance (in some way when play at 2), maybe we need more kaki to control one chaos god each, and be prepare that it will be a looonnnnnggg game (my last two games is on 4 hour mark per game, bordering 5)

    ps: crawling through forum, I see that Yip is running a boardgame nite, not sure when and where though..kekekeke

  5. Yip's boardgame nights are on Wednesdays at his let him know earlier if you wanna join..

  6. Okie doke~ thanks for the info man!