Thursday, January 12, 2012

[WIP] Captain Titus (almost there... almost)

Been buzy/lazy for quite a while, finally painted Captain Titus's sparring partner and the background... but the background seems to be very sloppy and unfinished, mainly because it looks kinda white.. (believe it or not, I clocked like 3 hours or so just to paint/repaint/waiting for paint to dry) all the colors on background is thinned down until it was barely visible and smack on layer by layer.

Blu tac-ed the whole damned thing to see hows the thing go.. not impress... ~_~

(I think the blood splatter is abit over the top, shall I remove that or at least cover it with a boyz corpse...?)

Captain Titus miniature ready to unleash his fury (of not getting properly painted, enlarge the picture, you will get what I mean ~_~)

(I almost cry when I compare this pose to game cover...)

Remaining things to be done/Mental note to myself:
1.) Fine tune the base
2.) A proud "Warhammer 40000 : Space Marine" wording below the diorama <-- any idea where to get a right size one? Or any idea I could get a custom etching/carve/stamp for this?
3.) Get rid or tone down the blood splatter.
4.) Glue em on!
5.) Paint Captain Titus's shadow.
6.) Better lightning, a proper mahjong paper or A3 paper for background

The next time you see a post on Captain Titus, it will be the finish version (I hope....)

Till next time folks, and Happy Chinese New Year in advance =)


  1. WOW!!! That is really nice man :)
    This project is coming along nicely.

    I agree with u on the blood splatter. And i'm sure u're gonna paint the floor some darker shade of grey to make it look like concrete. A darker background would really make your nicely painted capt and orks pop out more.

    And its just me...but i'm not digging the blue chainsword. Its probably from the coverart so i guess u have to keep it. Perhaps make it a darker tone. U want the viewer's attention on the capt first.

    My 2 sen :)

    Overall, very well done man!!! That is some really serious painting and hobby skills you have.
    I'd be proud to display it on my new Ikea desk extention hehe.

    Happy CNY to you bro!!!

  2. @Khairul : Thanks man! I think I might add something on the floor... either a boyz body, or more shadow.. you are not the only one who point out the floor seems abit.. too clean and empty. Regarding the chainsword, LOL, you had actually point out something that I forgotten, there should be some details on it (plan to freehand it)

    @Kagami : Thanks man!

    @deathkorps : Thanks for the kind input and also your suggestion on the forum=D

  3. Really nice man! Moreover ... photo quality is fantastic ... very clear and bright.Looking forward to the finished project. It already looks really cool. xD

  4. Thanks FEM =D I've taken these under the hobby lamp, but this time I did not "filter" the light using a napkin, wanna play around to see hows the lightning work... the illusion of "bright" could attribute to most of the background is white =p

    Lookin forward to your new post (pictures!) under your newly acquired hobby lamp too =)

  5. Great job! I really like the finish, though I would prefer it even more if you made the overall paint scheme a little darker.

  6. @warpspace_david : that is in the making =) Thanks!

  7. Gotcha! Hope to see the final result. :P