Sunday, January 29, 2012

Black Legion Nurgle Rhino

Over the course of my week long Chinese New Year leave, I've manage to get this done...

And also, this, was intended to go crazy and paint it all green, but figure that it might fit better in my overall Black Legion scheme with some black intact...

camo green is truly a Nurgle bless to every painter =__,=

And some sneak preview of my first Land Raider

Green stuffed some Eyes of Horus thingy

ps: sorry for the below average photo... can't seems to get the lighting right this time around...

Edit :
Added on some pus leaking battle damage on Nurgle Rhino, thanks to the wonderful suggestion of Wolkenritter89 at 40kmalaysia forum^^ 


  1. Wow!!! Thats a lot of painting. Respect! By the way, did you glue the back door of the Rhino shut or did you paint the interior?

  2. This one is not glue shut... but... the interior is grey in color.. LOL. Sadly the front hatch of land raider needs to be glue shut due to some assemble error, the door stuck and not able to be open up.. ever... (might have something to do with Daemonic Possession..)

    My previous Khorne theme Rhino have painted interior (mainly because it is my first vehicle, it's something ceremonial ritualistic..), if you would like to paint the interior, last time how I did it was:

    1.) assemble the body and top hull separately
    2.) base coat
    3.) paint the interior
    4.) glue the part together
    5.) continue painting the exterior

    Saw some more through-out interior painting online, some folks tend to paint all the pieces separately, and glue em after painted, I was afraid of superglue frosting (yeah, I'm using cheap ass superglue) and did not do it this way.

    1. That's a lot of useful info ... thanks. Might lean towards painting the parts individually though my concern is that things may not go smoothly when gluing 'em all back together.

    2. P.S. just saw your Khorne Rhino interior at ... manyak cantik! =) Hope I can do mine the same justice it deserves.

  3. That rhino is really nice!! Love how u made the green effect on the black hull. I'd really love to.see it im person n learn how u do it :)

    Really nicely done!"

  4. @FEM : Good luck on the gluing part, I was kinda afraid of this part too... thank goodness the top part goes in without hassle... I'm actually looking for superglue that does not dry super fast, so that if I make a mistake on assemble, I can correct it in time.

    @Khairul : Nothing special about the green effect, I'm not sure whether every pot of camo green works the same, but my pot is kinda slimy/oily (in a right way) and when I wipe it harder with brush tip, those part will blend nicely to the color beneath it, so basically what I do is paint a random shape -> wipe it -> repeat