Friday, February 24, 2012

[WIP] 60 cents and some epoxy putty, my erection problem solved.

Don't worry, I'm perfectly healthy and functional, just so you wonder.

Spent some time to clean the mold line, assemble, and base the raptors, but today when I woke up, one big problem... they just don't... erect... and keep falling down...

While mine is resin finecast model, it really keep me wondering : how folks make them stand when they are still cast in metal.

After some google, some putty work and 60 cents (or shall I say, sen) poorer, behold, they finally long lastingly ERECTED!

On a side note... I'm always wondering another issue : actually how long does it take for me to paint *one* model, from base coat to fully painted... Tomorrow I will set a two hour and fifteen minute mark for myself to paint just one of these babies, let's see whether I can live blog this =___,=

At the same time, if things goes well, I shall upload it to the new 40kmalaysia forum (the URL might change later, it is still in beta...) for the forum logo competition.

Two raptor, one stone, babe!

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