Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[WIP] Black Legio Land Raider

"Bring me the Tech Magos thats building our Land Raider."
(Skinny Tech Magos been brought to the front of Daemon Prince)
"You promise me Land Raider, it's been two weeks, where.is.it?"
"My Prince, I....." (get shot in the head, brain matter spray on floor, servitors cleaning up the mess)
"I want my Land Raider to be done in 24 terra hours, see to it."

Bummer, spent last three days of my holiday painting this... suprisingly, it has more details (especially the lascannon) than I expected, still work in progress, the back side is still black in color~_~ but I think I've yet again overdo the color... at the moment it's just seems too colorful... Chaos God bless when I freehand something on it, it won't be too overwhelmingly distracting.



  1. wow, nice!
    you sculpted the horus' eyes on your own?

  2. ya...but the shape looks abit screwed up..LOL.. basically I just draw a few eye shape on the paper, use the GS to trace the shape (and cut away extra using hobby knife), then roll a small ball and press it in the middle as the eyeball. After it's dry, glue it on the tank, should have put some extra effort to work on the trim... and the stuff is actually full of my finger print..=p

  3. anyway, it looked awesome..nice effort dude..
    just some input, you can just wet your finger and wipe it across the green stuff surface to eliminate the fingerprints..

  4. Already moisture my fingers and tools, the whole process was done soaking in water, but still it had some print on it~_~" I might be doin it the wrong way... I'm considering next time when I play with GS, I should've wear glove, I have some left over plastic glove from dettol stripping the defiler...

  5. Your LR looks great dude. Mata manyak cantik! Do you have a 'How to amke an eye of horus' tutorial? If not ... go to do it now. =)

  6. Looks great man :)

    I'm assuming you haven't finished it yet seeing as how the tracks are still clean...
    Agree with Vuel. Nice work on the eye there. Giving me some ideas for when the next csm set comes out :)

    Show us the finished model !!!!

  7. @FEM : The eyes is not good enuff to worth a tutorial lah =p, how's your rhino going?

    @Khairul : Will try to finish it within this two weeks.. this weekend had to balik kampung (again) to attend my ex-roommate's wedding... I'm really suprise when that bugger handed me the invitation

    1. Only other thing I did for my rhino was basecoat the insdie of the roof Skull White. Forgot to do it ... heh heh. Other than that ... nothing so far. =(

      Have been gripped by Ork fever though and I am planning to paint 5 Ork Nobz (from my Assault on Black Reach set) together with G Thraka (plus the ocassional dabbling of the Rhino).