Sunday, February 19, 2012

Black Legion Land Raider - Completed.

Spent the better of yesterday at Hobby Forge painting this baby, touch up abit here and there today, finally, it's done.

Behold, the relic land raider of Black Legion.

When I said "Finger Print", I mean it =___,=

Scored some Chaos Raptor yesterday too, going to paint 'em Night Lord scheme, actually... I'm having urge to start a Night Lord army... not sure whether it will be.. lack of flavour if I play two Chaos army... but well, I guess I won't start something new prior to paint all the CSM stuff available from GW... (but still waiting for new Chaos Dreadnaught and also Oblit, but perhaps, just perhaps, I will get a loyalist Dread and Chaos it up...)

With this Land Raider done, I think I'm about 150+- point shy of 1750, the raptor shall fill in the gap (as for Sally the defiler, I'm saving it for some conversion) and finally, finally, I can start gaming... though I'm very sure the list will be sucks.. fluffwise and tactic wise, LOL, but well, it's my first army after a year something of hard labour, I'm please with it =)


  1. The Land Raider is very nice!

  2. Wow.. real nice!
    Those freehands are truly wicked.

  3. Couldn't agree more. Nice indeed. Well done my young padawan ... I see the force is strong in you.

  4. @Vuel, Lord AK : Thanks^^
    @FEM : Errr... Ave Dominus Nox, I will stand in Midnight clad with you, Brothers?

  5. Abandon Curze and join us instead.
    We Are Alpharius.

  6. That is absolutely amazing. Your freehand is admirable :)

  7. @Vuel : I would love too, but my second sight foretold me I don't look good in green armor, midnight color with lightning on the other hand...

    @Grim : ~_~ Freehand is the only hobby trick that I could do half decently... hah