Friday, November 4, 2011

Painting Chaos Space Marine Glowing Eyes Step by Step With GW Color Reference

Before you start, you actually need :
1.) Any two tone color, one deeper, one lighter, and also, the most important, skull white.
2.) A fine detail brush, I'm using 000 and 5/0 (I guess it stand for 00000) brush in the guide

This is actually a very basic guide for painting chaos space marine's eyes, I'm going for a glowing kind of effect here... it could be done in a relative short time, I've taken all the pictures while painting in less than 20 minutes time.

I'll be using three type of colors for the guide below : blue, red and green (which I think should suits chaos space marine quite well =P)

As usual, prime black (I've thrown in a bit of Cheradon Granite to the mix)

Go for the "deeper" color using 000 brush, you can actually go pretty sloppy on this stage, a bit color that goes out of column is totally fine.

Now, using the finer detail brush to paint the "lighter" color, be careful and try not to spread the color out of column this time. Selectively pick out the area that you want it to looks more glowy

Last step, use your finer brush to get just a tip of skull white, and highlight the area that you want it to looks like glow. And off we go, voila, your chaos space marine are now having glowing eyes. 

Tips: for applying skull white, just gently brush the white color off on the eye using your brush tip, don't press it too hard (or else the white will be very concentrate and looks dull, the key is : SPREAD AND GENTLY BLEND THE WHITE INTO THE COLOR BENEATH IT), I've found that using this way, you could control the brightness of both eyes, and make it more or less even. It took a few practice to get it right, but it ain't rocket science ;-)

You might ask, how much is "a tip of skull white"... below are the example for your reference...
note that this is actually on a 00000 brush, which basically is just a wee bit.

ps: Don't be afraid if you accidently goes out of column on any stage, you can always cover it up with base color or color on previous stage and go all over again, the eyes is actually tiny, it won't take you too much time to repaint =)

ps2: If you are lazy and wanna do it in two stage, it can be done too, just skip step 2 (the "lighter" color part) and go directly to skull white, truth be told, the different won't be too obvious on a tiny plastic head =__,= (you lazy bugger)

Have fun painting folks! 


  1. The red glowy eyes look particularly menancing! =)

    For the skull white - you are spreading it only on the final third of the eye, near the mouth, right?

  2. The direction that I spread the white is from the (imaginary) nose toward the (imaginary) ear, horizontal.

    You could also try a concentrate dot on the middle, then spread it left and right. A small fine horizontal line in the middle part of eyes works too

  3. Nice work there man.

    You've got the effect spot on. Now wait till u finish painting the helmets and they're gonna look gorgeous.

    Paint them up please and update us ASAP :)!!!

  4. Muahaha, this is actually the spare heads that I have and just for painting guide purpose only.. working on the last dude of plague marine but interupt by my mate (just send him back after I played my first game of last night on earth with him=p), finger cross I could finish my last plaggie tomolo and the base.. then all I left is two more vehicles and one defiler (and maybe a nice background fluff for my CSM), hooray!