Sunday, November 13, 2011

Captain Titus and his green friends...

I've abandoned hobby for almost a full month because of him...
Now... I'm gonna Hobby with him...

Yes... the pose does looks... awkward..

I'm trying to poorly imitate the game's cover :

Ok.. I have to admit, my GS skill sucks, big time, but let's hope what I lack in GS, I make up with the paint job


  1. dude,somehow you remind me of Ivan..

  2. Do keep us updated on the progress of your diorama! =)

  3. @Iqbal : Dude, I can't sculpt to save my life =p So don't insult Ivan.. LOL, still kinda headache on how to make Titus "float" in the air... My idea at the moment is two hole on the "fist" part, and the ork face... then break a needle or two to stuff it in...

    Also not sure what can be use as the basing of diaroma... cardboard is what I'm thinking at the moment...

    @FEM : will do, gotta betray ruinous power for a while =p

  4. You can make Titus float in the air by glueing his arm to an ork he his fighting. it would seem like he is punching the ork but his feet is off the ground. Just a suggestion.

    As for base, depending on the size of your imperial building ... you could use the Ikea round cork base which is of a decent size.

  5. Yeah...Ivan and u would have lots to talk about :)

    Love the project. Agree with FEM about gluing the arm to an ork face. Perhaps u can find a hand that's in a grab there any??
    That would really create the illusion that he's 'floating'. many projects do u have on your table now?? hehe

    More than 5 = almost insane hobbyist!!

  6. @FEM : tee-hee, this is my initial plan, but I doubt superglue is enuff to "hold" titus in air for long term... I'm trying to stick some pin between his hand and Mr Orky's faceand cover it using green stuff... but I think I met my first gotchas already... I drilled a hole in the middle of the fist... which leaving not much space for second hole... I was suppose to drill *two* holes, so Titus will not performing a backflip in mid air... damn, should really plan then drill instead of vice versa..

    @Khairul : LOL, Ivan is the one who indirectly get me started in forum, I was lurking the forum for a while until he was selling his stuff and when I try to buy stuff from him, I was asked to properly introduce myself (you know the drill =p)

    Firaya did mentioned there is a grab arm in SM biker sprue.. If my current one hole fist fail... I think I will try to procure one grabby arm...

    ps: only one project on the table at the moment... this one ^___^" (kick the half assembled space hulk, Land Raider and Defiler into a dark corner of my spray booth...)