Monday, November 7, 2011

Forge World Death Guard - Complete.

After lots of distraction, finally completed my last infantry =D (Assuming my current lousy army list doesn't change and I need not to paint my backup infantry model for different weapon loadout or moar dakka)

The second last dude with the "dude, me is pissed, come kiss my chainsword" pose

MY LAST INFANTRY! I choose the only dude with face (my favorite) from forge world death guard piece as my last... spend quite some time to add some extra bling to this fella, triple highlighted all the armor edge =)

Again, play around with some OSL, this time on base, might adopt this technique on the vehicle's search light later....

 As usual, group hug.

Coming up next : gotta spend a week try to sculpt a head for Defiler conversion, but if can't complete it on this week, will prime the chaos land raider black and work on it...

ps: Need 2 moar Rhino, but I'm broke...


  1. Really nice dude! Really really nice! =)

    One question though ... I am utterly confused about this ... is the black legion shoulder guard suppose to be on the left or right? Based on the codex pics ... they were on the left shoulder but yours is on the right. I take it that it doesn't matter which side it is on?

    Again, good job man!

  2. About the shoulder pad... I actually have no idea as well.. some of mine is one left while some are on right =p As long as there is some part black and gold then its fine for me, heh.

  3. Wow those are really nice!! I esp like face dude with the plasma and chainsword. Really good job there :)

    And yr pics are getting better.

    Nice work on the bases too.