Monday, November 28, 2011

[WIP] Captain Titus Diorama (Pt3) (a.k.a"You think this is bad? wait till you see it on pixel screen")

Allow me to reiterate some interesting sig that I saw on a 40k related forum...
"You think this is bad? wait till you see it on pixel screen"

Progress this week:

Touched up and finished the weapon of this prototype boy...

A little hobby tips on painting the checker pattern (the square box on the boyz shoulder pad..), if you try to paint the box with Skull White directly, it will be pretty hard to look nice and even, but if you do a box with a shade of Fortress Grey first then touch it up with skull with, it will goes on smoothly... try this if you are having problem painting the white evenly =)

You can apply the trick above on Gold too, paint a shade of brownish color (eg: Snakebit) then the thinned down gold will easily paint and visible on the surface =D 

WAAAAGGGHHHH! (also done some rusty effect on the weapon of the boyz), any suggestion on what color would be nice on Ork hair? Was intended to go for red, but realized that there is too much red on the boyz already, so I just go for Khaki and heavy wash it with Devlan.

This will be the boy that "face" the audience on the diorama, so I did some bling on it's feature... the weapons is still WIP.


And finished captain Titus, was so afraid to screw up his blue power armor, I repaint it quite alot of time using the game cover as reference... can't really paint it to be 100% the same with the cover but I'm quite pleased with the current outcome... the armor end up to have (just a weeeee bit) of NMM feel on it.. The picture don't quite really capture the feel...

Now, now... 2 more boyz and the whole background base of diorama to go.. might took another week or two... 

Might also pause it to spit out something for Magacon Pewter Demon entry... any suggestion on any 28mm model that look nice to take part in it?


  1. Dude, i really like yr machete ork. U painted the moel very well, the mouth and rusted machete esp for u. Opened the pic on close up and it looks good :).

    Not familiar with orks so i don't dare suggest hair color if u want to go with ork fluff.

    But i do think that capt titus needs more pop for him to shine out for the overall diaorama.

    Nice job!!!

  2. @Khairul : =____,=" not sure what else can be done on Titus, the armor have too less details and had tried to highlight all the edge I could find, LOL, might consider to free-hand the body of chainsword as how it actually appear in game (I have a nice reference of it as the in game item that I get for pre-order the game is a relic chainsword, it comes as a card with the chainsword depict and pin code on it..)

    something like below

  3. The rust effect on the ork's sword was really well done dude! Really realistic.

    Also, I believe that you have gotten the "motion effect" of Captain Titus and the ork he is bashing down-pat. Captain Titus looks natural. The ork's arm initially looked to be at an akward angle (if you look at the model stand-alone) but I think it kinda works when both Titus and the ork are together.

    Good job man! I am planning a diorama myself (very very very far into the future) and all I know is that it will involve Lelith Hesperax.

  4. @FEM : involve Lelith Hesperax <-- with a bathtub? =___,=