Sunday, November 20, 2011

[WIP] Space Marine Captain Titus Diorama

Not much is done this week...

The 'stage' of captain Titus vs the boyz is set on a ... cotton bud box... some pieces of Basilica Terrain is used and a few piece of cork is stacked.

A few boyz is built for this project... prototyped one of the boyz for the color scheme... This is the first Ork that I painted (thought the skin color tone is kinda similar to my plague marine chosen..) Can't really get the checker pattern right... the current color scheme for the cloth does seems abit off too...

Captain Titus is pinned and glued with this poor Ork Nobz, touched up abit on the green stuff part (but it still looks crude!), also sculpted the finger that "touch" the Ork face

A sneak preview on what will the Diorama looks like =p
Captain Titus is primed white so he will looks "shinny" while the Ork will look abit dirty to contrast with him... Will wash to bring up the details on captain Titus... Still having not much idea on the background, was planning to mimic the "white light" effect as the game cover...


  1. Nice progress report. Keep it coming. It's great to see the diorama's evolution.

  2. Dude, u must've have really enjoyed the game huh ;)

    U got the floating effect alright :)

  3. @FEM : Actually, its the other way round, keeping this blog update weekly is what keeps me goin and painting minis everyday =p

    @Khairul : It's actually better than Dawn of War.. LOL, I'm a FPS guy. Though its weird that the space marine can't really "jump" in the game (unless you are on jump pack...)

    Glad the floating effect looks okey, but if compare to the powerful pose on the game cover, this is wayyyyy off.. lol (can't find / sculpt the knne pad also...)

  4. go for Golden Kris!

    will there be a new 'Diorama' category?

  5. @Vuel : x ada chance punye lah... u guys all so uber on painting and modelling=..=

    (Don't think there will be Diorama category too...)

    But I've been painting Ork last few days, damn, it's trickier than I thought, but all in all, 'uge fun painting em!